Guide to New Haven: The Omni Hotel (and logistics)

The Omni Hotel in downtown New Haven is a classic Ivy-League retreat, complete with the Mahogany panelling. Catering to an older and more affluent crowd (aka the parents of Yalies), the hotel offers the best rooms and service in town. And it’s hard to beat the 19th-floor rooftop restaurant.

It’s been a fixture in New Haven for almost a century, has plenty going for it. There’s the four-diamond rating, the old-school décor that just exudes of wealth and power, and the impeccable service. Be sure to reserve a room with a king bed-these have the best views (see picture). Of course, the greatest hook to the Omni is its location.

You’re practically on top of the Green, with countless restaurants around you and Yale’s campus a block away. The only downside major downside is price ($200 / $300 s/d). The food could be better for a hotel of this quality, but it’s hard to complain when the staff sends up complimentary cheese and wine with your luggage.

Just across the street is the award-winning Shubert Theatre, which is well known for its Shakespeare plays. The Criterion movie theatre further down the street hosts delightful independent films. Then come back for a nightcap and smoke at the Owl Shop cigar shop next door.

For more information on New Haven:

  • BOOKSHOPS–Barnes & Noble Yale Bookstore ( 777 8440; 77 Broadway) A two-floor operation, with café in the back and textbooks-galore in the basement. Labyrinth Bookstore down the street makes for a more intimate experience.
  • EMERGENCY–Police ( 946 6316; 1 Union Ave)
  • INTERNET ACCESS–Computer CrackaJacks ( 260 493 0406; 328 Broadway) $6 an hour.
  • MEDICAL SERVICES–Yale-New Haven Hospital ( 688 4242; 20 York St)
  • MONEY–Plenty of ATMs downtown. There is a Bank of America ( 866 826 8989; 789 Howard Ave) branch on Temple St near city hall.
  • POST–US Post Service ( 773 3454; 206 Elm St)
  • TOURIST INFORMATION–Greater New Haven Convention and Visitors Bureau ( 777 8550; 169 Orange St; Mon-Fri 8am-5pm, Sat 10am-5pm, Sun and bank holidays 11am-4pm). An impressive office that will help you track down almost anything you’ll need or desire.

Guide to New Haven: