Hilarious headlines from the North Korean Central News Agency

Every once in a while, I like to head over to the website of North Korea’s state-run news agency to see what propaganda they’re currently feeding their unsuspecting populace. Here are a couple headlines and stories I’ve found:

“Kim Jong Il Praised As Most Famous Person of World”

The U.S. magazine “Time” praised him as the most outstanding statesman among the world’s famous politicians in 2004 and an excellent leader in 2006. And this year it listed him as the leader who has the biggest influence on the change of the world and the best reputed leader in the world.

“Scientific Successes in Growing Kimjongilia in DPRK”

Scientists of the DPRK have gained lots of successes in deep-going scientific researches for growing Kimjongilia, the immortal flower admired by all the people, more beautifully over the last 20 years since a newly cultured flower was named Kimjongilia.

“U.S. and S. Korean Warmongers’ Saber Rattling Under Fire”

The U.S. has insisted the recent joint military exercises were of “defensive nature” though they involved adventurous plays with fire aimed at vitiating the peaceful atmosphere on the Korean Peninsula and bringing a nuclear war disaster to the Korean nation. This is like burying its head ostrich-like in the sand… The U.S. and South Korean trigger-happy forces have always watched for a chance to invade the DPRK.

Unsurprisingly, a recurring theme emerges after a brief look through the “news” agency’s archive: Kim Jong Il is universally admired and beloved, except by the war-mongering United States and its sycophantic ally, South Korea.

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