Man in wheelchair steals airport shuttle; drives around in circles; disappears into thin air

I guess you just don’t suspect the guy in the wheelchair to carjack your hotel shuttle, but that’s exactly what happened early yesterday morning at San Francisco International Airport.

CBS 5 out of the bay area is reporting that while a hotel employee was out of the vehicle unloading luggage, a man in a wheelchair pulled up, jumped out and into the driver seat then started driving around the airport. He then chose not to drive away from the airport, but rather around it two times before apparently getting bored and abandoning it.

Four passengers, who must have been scared witless, were privy to the joy ride. I can’t imagine what they were thinking during the fiasco.

The man then proceeded to completely vanish, for as CBS 5 reports, airport officials have yet to apprehend a subject.

No word on whether the event had anything to do with St. Patrick’s Day.