Pillow library, librarian offer dreamy experience

I consider myself a sleep connoisseur. Though it’s super frustrating, I require a minimum of 9 hours of sleep per night, and I usually squeeze in 10 hours on the weekends. At one time I even owned 15 pairs of pajamas. It’s hard to imagine how much work I could get done if I only needed 7 or 8 hours, so I don’t. Instead, I embrace sleep as one of my favorite activities. That’s why I’d probably embrace Kimpton’s 70 Park Avenue Hotel’s new pillow service.

I suppose it’s not surprising that a hotel touting its Romance Sommelier and complimentary yoga baskets would have special pillows to sleep on — but 70 Park Avenue goes beyond lavender eye pillows. They’ve recently begun offering a pillow library with — you guessed it — a pillow librarian to help you choose the perfect pillow. Samples on offer include anti-snore pillows, body pillows, and “eye delight” acupressure pillows. Guests can email the pillow librarian ahead of time to let the librarian know about any sleep needs and to select the perfect pillow.

To “gently ease” you into sleep, the hotel also offers an oddly-named but blissful-sounding nightcap called Dreamerz “Chocolate S’nores,” described as an “all-natural, chocolate milk drink that helps you sleep.” I think the chocolate might give me an anti-sleep sugar buzz, but perhaps the tonic effects of my personally-selected pillow will cancel those out.