Will a pretty face help save your life? Delta hopes so

What makes you pay attention to the safety instructions at the beginning of a flight? For me, it’s having a flight attendant right in front of me — I feel rude if I put my head down and dig in to the Sky Mall while someone is giving a presentation. But if it’s a video presentation, I’m all my over in-flight shopping.

Evidently, I’m not alone in my blatant disregard for the safety demonstration: airlines have begun creating what they hope are attention-grabbing videos in the hopes that passengers might start paying attention. Delta Airlines is the most recent airline to do so, joining Virgin Airlines in addition to others. While Virgin took the animated approach, Delta’s strategy is a bit different: put a pretty woman on screen.

Already, the flight attendant Katherine Lee, or “Deltalina” (nicknamed so by viewers because of her similarity to Angelina Jolie), is making headlines with her finger-wagging and pretty smile. Will she make you a safer flier? Watch the video and let us know.

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