San Luis Obispo: Possible place to visit or move to

A friend and I were talking today about what we’re up to. She’s up to traveling to California during the end of April with her boyfriend to look for a place to live one day. They’re starting in San Diego and heading up the coast. They don’t know exactly where they want to live so I threw out San Luis Obispo as a possibility. I’ve never been there, but have heard great things. One of my oldest friends, who does lives there part time, loves the place. He’s always saying I should visit.

My friend who is currently seeking out her future asked me if there are nature related activities in the area. “Oh, I’m sure of it,” I said, then followed with, “I’ll check.” Now, I’ve checked.

San Luis Obispo does indeed have nature type things. It’s the beginning of the Big Sur coastline. The Parks and Recreation department looks extensive. Mountains for hiking are close by. Along with nature, there are history and the arts. The Mission San Luis Obispo de Toroso was founded in 1772. Hearst Castle is also near here. This weekend is the Music for Your Eyes Gala and Art Auction. These are just a few of the things to do that I found. I’d say San Luis Obispo is a fine contender for consideration. Definitely a place to visit. Possibly a place to settle in for awhile.

Any more thoughts of good places to live in California? I’ll let my friend know.