How fat is your state?

When passengers are too large to fit into airplane seats, maybe it’s time we had a little chat about the size of the average American. Mexico may be catching up, but — rest assured — we Americans are only getting larger. According to Calorie Lab, Mississippi is the fattest state in the Union, with West Virginia coming in at a close second. What are the skinniest states? Colorado and Massachusetts, but even there almost 20% of the population is obese. Looks like we need to start asking ourselves if we should really order a large burger and fries. Or maybe read a book on how other cultures stay svelte and attractive.

What impact does this have on travel? Just ask the woman who was given half a seat on Delta when her neighboring passenger was too large to fit into one seat.

Now you know the fattest states … but do you know the world’s 10 dirtiest cities? Here they are: