The end of Nalgene bottles in Canada might be near

Canada might be the first country to declare Nalgene bottles toxic. Not just Nalgene bottles, but anything containing bisphenol-a, or B.P.A., a chemical widely used in plastics for baby bottles, beverage and food containers as well as linings in food cans.

Canada would be the first to make a health finding against B.P.A., which has been shown to disrupt the hormonal systems of animals, NY Times reports. United States Department of Health and Human Services’ National Toxicology Program endorsed a scientific panel’s finding that there was “some concern” about neutral and behavioral changes in humans who consume B.P.A.

The public and industry will have 60 days to comment on the designation once it is released, setting into motion a two-year process that could lead to a partial or complete ban on food-related uses of plastics made using B.P.A.

The end of the popular Nalgene bottle as we know it might be near.