Spider infestation closes an Australian hospital

You probably got it by now, but Australia is one of my favorite countries. As I report ad nauseum, there is never a dull moment in Australian news.

It must be hard trying to run a country, while making sure half your population doesn’t get eaten by crocodiles or sharks and stung by jellyfish, or at least bitten by snakes and spiders. It is amazing that Australia has all those creatures. And more!

Yesterday, poisonous spiders caused a problem when they plagued the Baralaba Hospital about 200 miles northwest of Brisbane. The tiny hospital had to close so officials could fumigate the building to get rid of redback spiders that have been found in large numbers in the main part of the hospital, CBS reports.

Redback spiders, common throughout most of the country, have a painful bite and a toxic venom, although an anti-venom is available. Apparently, warm weather had caused more redback spider eggs to hatch than usual. Of course, already being at a hospital when bitten by a poisonous spider is a good thing. And only in Australia.