United frequent flyers also get double elite miles

The new big thing is double elite mile promotions, I guess. First Delta Airlines started a program last month awarding their frequent flyers double Medallion Miles. Then, American Airlines followed suit and launched their own. Now it looks like United has done the same thing.

Interesting observation: one airline from each major alliance is running the promotion — Delta = Skyteam, American = Oneworld and United = Star. Perhaps the airlines are trying to tell us that we need to concentrate our alliance flights on one carrier… one carrier that perhaps may absorb another in a soon to be merger? But I speculate, I speculate.

What I do know is that it’s got some of the mergee passengers miffed that their partner flyers are getting super elite status while they’re stuck earning regular ol’ elite miles. Northwest passengers, for example, will be only earning miles at the regular rate, but after the merger there will be an artificially high number of Delta elites. This means fewer chances for upgrades and perks for the now dilute elite ranks.

We’ll see how many travelers end up taking advantage of the offers anyway. Most people that I have told about the promotion have shrugged off the suggestion and moved on with their lives. Perhaps I get too worked up about this elites status business.

Check out the promo page here if you want to participate. You’ll earn double elite miles between now and June 15.

[Thanks to Amily for the link]