World’s longest sea bridge opens today near Shanghai

Here is another one to add to the list of China’s Best, Longest, Tallest and Who-Knows-What-Else.

This afternoon, the 20-mile Bay Bridge started trial operation as a motorcade of 180 sedans and 22 buses drove across the world’s longest sea bridge, Shanghai Daily reports. The bridge begins at Jiaxing, near Shanghai, and ends at Cixi, about 40 miles from Ningbo, Zhejiang Province. It will reduce the 250-mile drive between Ningbo and Shanghai by 80 miles and shave about one hour off the trip. Time is money, even in China.

With a design life of 100 years, the 11.8-billion-yuan (US$1.69 billion) bridge has six lanes with a designed speed of up to 60 miles per hour. The bridge is expected to help boost economic development in the Yangtze Delta Region.

I want know is how the heck they managed to shoot the area with blue skies? The colors of the sky I remember from Shanghai were the same color as the river.