Delta’s baggage fee to be applied retroactively

As we’ve reported before, Delta will begin charging a fee for checking more than one piece of luggage starting on May 5.

But the twist at Delta is that the fee, $25 per additional piece of luggage, is being applied retroactively. Delta is waving the fee for passengers who booked their tickets between February 4 and April 4, but if you booked on Delta before then — as many have — be prepared to pony up some cash at the check-in counter.

Though it remained quiet on the fee a little more than a month ago, Delta is now finally announcing the fee on its Web site. Not surprisingly, however, it doesn’t mention that it will be retroactively applied.

Traveler “Jason” is angry about this. He tells the Consumerist that he and his wife booked on Delta in January and are planning on checking two bags each. They now face paying an additional $100 for those extra bags on the round trip flight.

“If I would have known that when I booked, I may have thought twice about Delta,” he tells the Web site.

Funny, I’d think whether I really needed four suitcases for a vacation. But hey, that’s just me.