Airline baggage fees: D-Day comes and goes, and a nation pays

Well yesterday, D-Day for a host of new baggage fees to hit the books at six major U.S. airlines, came and went. I’m curious if anyone out there ran into problems at the airport.

Most travelers know by now that United, Delta, U.S. Airways and others implemented an additional $25 fee for that second checked bag of yours starting yesterday. Did you pay the fee? Make changes in your packing? Did it appear that check-in counters were on top of this on Day 1?

At any rate, the baggage fees are here to stay. American Airlines, the lone hold out among major carriers, is implementing one next week, and smaller airlines like Alaska Airlines are weighing the same for sometime in the next coming months.

But just it case you’re only thinking about baggage fees, lists a few smaller fees (i.e. things that used to be free, but now cost you) that have gone into effect in recent days. Among them are $3 snacks on Frontier Airlines, an extra $5-$30 fee to get a window or aisle seat up in the front of coach on U.S. Airways (they’ll go into effect tomorrow) and a $25-$35 fee for “special customer service” at Air Canada.

Happy spending everybody!