Driving in China: Don’t slow down to enjoy the scenery, you might get fined

Last week China opened the world’s longest sea bridge in order to cut travel time between two ports, Ningbo and Shanghai. But on a bridge that is 22.4 miles long, it’s hard to not slow down to enjoy the impressive scenery; you are crossing over a large body of water after all. Since its opening on May 1, Chinese police have fined over 300 drivers for driving too slow across the bridge or even illegally parking in the emergency lines while taking some scenic photos.

“I just wanted to drive a bit slowly and enjoy the sea breeze. Is that wrong?” an unnamed driver complained.

You would think that with such a bridge — and at $1.7 billion, such a budget — would invest in some sightseeing platforms. Not to worry, those are coming… in two years. For now, if you want any interesting scenic shots, better bring some extra yuan to pay your fine.