NBA basketball team forced to spend night in grounded plane

Paying for checked baggage, endless hours on the tarmac, canceled flights… think you’re the only one that has to deal with bad airline service? Apparently even the rich and famous have to deal with such inconveniences, at least in the case of the San Antonio Spurs.

After winning the game and securing their spot in the NBA Western Conference Semifinals on Monday night, the Spurs intended to fly directly to Los Angeles and get ready for their next game against the Lakers. No such luck. On account of maintenance problems, the team spent Monday night in the classiest of accommodations… aboard their grounded charter plane.

Don’t get me wrong, I am sure that the charter plane — operated by carrier Champion Air — with all first class seats is much more comfortable than anything I’ve ever flown in, but I wouldn’t want to spend the night in one. Trans-Atlantic and red-eye flights are bad enough, but sleeping in a plane that remains on the ground is even worse.

Like many other airlines, Champion Air has been going through some rough times and will stop flying at the end of May when it goes out of business. So what carrier should the NBA go for next? Maybe one that gives out hotel vouchers.