Are high gas prices disrupting your holiday travel plans?

In the US, Memorial Day weekend is usually one of the busiest for road-trippers. Spring is springing, the weather is warming up, and for many of us, school has just let out. A great time for a drive, I’d say!

Unless gas is $3.83 a gallon, that is. In the past few days, the papers have been full of stories of would-be travelers who are stuck at home this weekend thanks to rising gas prices. The Washington Post reports that this weekend will bring the first decrease in Memorial Day travel since 9/11. The Salt Lake Tribune says that travelers will still be hitting the road, but more will be traveling less than 50 miles from home than in years past. My hometown paper, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, tells the sad story of several travelers who are forgoing their annual Memorial Day fishing and camping trip because they can’t afford the 2 1/2 hour drive.

How ’bout you, Gadling faithful? Are any of you cutting down on Memorial Day (or summer) travel plans because of the high cost of gas?