Tripkick your way to a better hotel room

If you travel at all for business, you’ve probably experienced your fair share of horrendous, anonymous hotel rooms. You know that room you had that smelled like a combination of mildew and bleach? Or with the million dollar view of the garbage bins out the back? What about that room where the construction crew jackhammers woke you up at 7am? Yeah, been there.

Perhaps then we should all take a look at Tripkick, a website that promises to help find “the hotel room that’s perfect for you.” Rather than focusing on overall ratings for hotels, Tripkick helps users rate and review particular rooms in each hotel. Looking for a nice view of the bay at the Grand Hyatt San Francisco? Request a room ending in either 05, 06, 07 or 08. How about if you want to find the quietest room at the W in Chicago? Stay away from rooms ending in numbers 28-33, which are noisier because of the nearby El trains.

While Tripkick offers some interesting functionality, it’s not for everyone. Hotel bargain hunters are at an obvious disadvantage here – mostly because hotels frequently assign less desirable rooms to customers who book the most discounted rates. It’s going to be a much tougher sell to get upgraded to nice “bay view” room when you booked a 20% off room using Priceline. Not to mention most of us are not really considering swanky places like the Four Seasons, which form the majority of Tripkick’s hotel reviews. But frequent business travelers take note – a site like Tripkick can mean the difference between a good night’s sleep or yet another jackhammer wake-up call.