Delta sued for $1 million after ruining elderly woman’s birthday

A few weeks ago I asked, in relation to a man’s $2 million lawsuit against JetBlue for being forced to sit three hours in the toilet, whether that wasn’t a wee too much money to be seeking.

Now, from the New York Post, comes a report that a Manhatten man is suing Delta Airlines for $1 million for…ruining his mother’s 80th birthday.

Richard Roth’s suit claims that a Delta worker caused him and his immediate family to miss a flight to Buenos Aires, leaving them stranded in Atlanta and forcing the family — Roth’s wife, two children and 80-year-old mother — to drive to Miami to pick up another flight, the Post says. Then Roth alleges Delta lost the group’s baggage.

The story, reported here in full in the Post, sounds like a real nightmare. Roth had arranged to fly a good portion of his family, including some cousins, to BA this past December. After arriving for their connecting flight in Atlanta, Roth says his party was barred from boarding the flight as the gate had just closed. Scrambling, Roth found another flight on an Argentine airline, leaving out of Miami, but Delta did not deliver the party’s bags until after Christmas.

Roth sought $21,000 in reimbursement from Delta, which, perhaps not surprisingly, refused to pay. “I tried so hard not to sue,” Roth told the newspaper.

No word yet on how $21,000 turned into $1 million, though Roth — an attorney — is claiming, among other things, that Delta caused his mother emotional distress.