Four ways to join the Mile High Club

The Mile High Club: Myth or realty?

The legend of the deed probably far eclipses the actual number of people who have had sex in an airplane lavatory. Most of us have probably heard, third and fourth hand, of someone who’s done it. But that’s usually where talk of the club ends.

Personally, it’s not my thing. However, for those out there interested in giving it a shot, Ben Groundwater, who writes the Backpacker Blog at the Melbourne Age, has come up with a few sure-fire ways to have success up there in the friendly skies:

  • The Richard Branson method
  • The Girlfriend/Boyfriend/Husband/Wife method
  • The First Class method
  • The Random method

Seems to me the Richard Branson method has the best chance of lift off, if you will. Of course it relies heavily on having your own private jet — which, come to think of it, kind of removes the need for heading to the lavatory in the first place. To go this route, Groundwater suggests chartering your own flight. Yeah, O.K.