Another reason not to wear Crocs

Crocs, the ugly and expensive plastic footwear that miraculously got fashionable, is facing yet another publicity nightmare. A couple of days ago, Grant wrote about a sign at the Tokyo airport informing people that Crocs get get stuck in escalators and cause injuries.

Well, it is here, folks. According to WSBTV, another small child’s foot has been mangled by the combination of the especially-grippy Crocs clogs and a moving escalator. The result: “three broken toes; one toe was severed down to the bone and they called it a ‘dirty wound’ because they had escalator grease in there.” Ouch.

Crocs are already being sued over another incident. There have apparently been 77 entrapment incidents since January 2006, with about half resulting in injury. All but two of the incidents involved popular soft-sided flexible clogs and slides.

Maybe, just maybe, this will finally make people stop loving those awful things. Crocs are not only ugly, overpriced and make your feet smell bad, but they are also dangerous. That should do it.

{via The Consumerist]