Crash survivors debate whether to eat the pilot

Let’s suppose you survive a plane crash a spend five days “huddled in a broken fuselage in sub-zero temperatures.” You are running out of crackers. You have no idea how long you’ll be there (especially if you are a Lost fan.)

The question is: Do you, or do you not, consider cannibalism?

The Cessna 208 with nine passengers crashed into a mountainside in Patagonia, near La Junta, a town across the border in Argentina, on Saturday. Recent volcanic explosions in the region have forced air routes out to sea, taking experienced pilots off their normal course, The Guardian reports:

The pilot died in the crash. “He had a cut on his head, a big wound and he lost lots of blood,” said Victor Suazo, a Chilean police officer who was aboard the flight. “We couldn’t do anything for him and he died around noon on Monday.” Soon after, the survivors’ hunger began to deplete their strength and they debated whether to eat the pilot. “We thought about the pilot, I don’t know how to say it … to feed ourselves from him. We thought about this, but some people were not in agreement because the situation was already so extreme.”

Well, what do you think? Would you, or would you not, eat the pilot, folks?