Gadling TAKE FIVE: Week of June 6–June 13

Sorry to have missed last week’s Take FIVE post, but I was off in Hocking Hills, Ohio without WiFi, something I didn’t expect. In a few hours I’ll be heading to Tennessee. Who knows what will happen when I leave the house? Therefore, here’s this week’s Take Five before I go.

With summer travel comes footwear choices. Abha, Iva and Heather all had something to say about shoes. Flip-flops, Crocs or stew shoes? Which ones are safer? What about fashion?

Along with thinking about footwear options, summer is a time you can learn new things. Matthew has some suggestions for singing karaoke with the best of them. And, Aaron passes along tips about a Turkish bath.

Since I missed last week, here are a few more summer tidbits. Erik offers up sunburn advice, Kent knows just how to savor a meal in Paris and Jeremy provides details about GPS and location services to help you get where you’re going.

Happy Friday the 13th, Happy Father’s Day, and enjoy the weekend. As for me, I have to pack.