Washboard Festival: Impressions of a New Jersey jug band

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be in a New Jersey jug band, tootling the roads to Ohio for the annual Washboard Festival in Logan, Fender’s Excellent Adventure video will do the trick. I loved this. It starts out in Jack and Joe’s RV and goes from there. These two are members of the Dirdy Birdies Jug Band. Evidently, if you play a jug, it’s no match for a washboard. The captions of audience members are a hoot.

In the midst of the funny stuff is excellent footage of the music at the festival, the dance the Charleston, and a tour of the Columbus Washboard Factory. Stick around for the credits. Since the festival is happening this weekend, I’m passing this onto you. Seriously, this is mini-documentary quality. Very, very good.