Washboard Festival: Impressions of a New Jersey jug band

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be in a New Jersey jug band, tootling the roads to Ohio for the annual Washboard Festival in Logan, Fender’s Excellent Adventure video will do the trick. I loved this. It starts out in Jack and Joe’s RV and goes from there. These two are members of the Dirdy Birdies Jug Band. Evidently, if you play a jug, it’s no match for a washboard. The captions of audience members are a hoot.

In the midst of the funny stuff is excellent footage of the music at the festival, the dance the Charleston, and a tour of the Columbus Washboard Factory. Stick around for the credits. Since the festival is happening this weekend, I’m passing this onto you. Seriously, this is mini-documentary quality. Very, very good.

Washboard Festival: feet tappin’ fare for Father’s Day

Here’s another Father’s Day weekend option. Not to pull you away from the Duct Tape Festival plans you may have made, but the Washboard Festival, June 13-14 would make a fun day trip if you live close enough to Logan, Ohio. The Washboard Festival celebrates the music traditions that stretch from Appalachia to the Louisiana bayou. Dating back to the mid-1800s, this is the kind of music that is guaranteed to put you in a happy mood.

The musicians are renowned, and if you’ve ever heard a Zydeco band, you’ll know that it’s impossible to stay still once the music starts. Dixieland Jazz and Jug Music are part of the two day event. If you haven’t been to town-run festival, you’re missing out on one of the greatest parts of summer. This one is particularly special because tours of the Columbus Washboard Factory are included. This is the last washboard company in the United States.

Logan is at the threshold of Hocking Hills, one of the most beautiful areas in Ohio. If you can stretch your weekend into another day, take some time to see where your exploration takes you.