And the award for the best North American Airline goes to…..

Continental Airlines, for the fifth year straight. Congratulations.

The Official Airline Guide (OAG) just had its annual award ceremony to award the top performers in the industry, and the winner among all frequent flyers polled was Continental.

With a strong market presence out of New York City, hubs across the country, a superior first class and meals still served in coach (gasp), it’s not hard to believe. Continental has perennially been a favorite among business and leisure travelers alike, and as long as they keep up this quality behavior they’ll stay that way.

We’ll see if they jump on the bandwagon of cutting amenities and increasing fees like the other legacy carriers did.

Other notable winners were:

Best Economy/Coach Class: American Airlines
Best Airlines based in Western Europe: Virgin Atlantic
Best Airport: Singapore Changi
Best Transatlantic Airline: British Airways

You can check out the full spectrum of awards over at