Expedia survey rates the world’s worst tourists

The French, Indians, and the Chinese have been voted as the world’s worst tourists by a group of 4000 hoteliers, in a survey conducted by online travel search engine Expedia. On the other hand, the best tourists are 1) Japanese 2) British and Germans.

Yup, looks like the annoying and continuous photo taking of everything in sight by the Japanese, and the drunken stag parties of the British and the Germans do not lay room for complaint, thanks to their wonderful behavior, manners, generosity, willingness to integrate themselves into a new culture — criteria on which the nationalities were rated.

Interestingly enough, a similar survey was conducted by Expedia 6 years ago and it tagged the British, Danish and Irish as the worst. The British were voted as the “rudest, worst-behaved, most linguistically incompetent and least adventurous holiday makers.” Ouch. What’s for that drastic change from best to worst?

Anyway, I hate such generalizations because I think an entire race can’t be blamed for the misdoings of a bunch of people. Surveys like this are interesting insight, but nothing more.