Spirit Airlines: Workin with the commies

Remember that trade embargo that the US has against all of Cuba? The one that forces you to drive to Tijuana to pick up Cuban cigars and the one that prevents you and your family from stopping in Havana on your annual cruise? Yep, that embargo.

We as Americans have been forbidden from trading with the Socialist nation for over forty years now, as our good buddy Fidel Castro kept the country under lockdown and its population in poverty. Our “sanctions,” which have recently come under increased scrutiny, are meant to punish the totalitarian government and encourage democracy in the island nation. How well that’s working is another debate.

But our trade embargo sure isn’t stopping Spirit Airlines from doing business with the Cubans. They’ve been paying the government regularly to use Cuban airspace on their flights over the Carribbean — something that spokeswoman Misty Pinson claims was not premeditated, saying: “Spirit Airlines never had the intention of violating any requirements or laws to carry out its international operations.”

How does your morality buzzer NOT go off when you’re writing checks to Cuba? Aren’t all business transactions with the communist state illegal?

Needless to say, the embattled airline is now coughing up 100G’s in fines for illegal payments to the Cubans. Better to fly around next time.