Fourth of July fireworks: Find out which states bans them, which allow them

What’s the Fourth of July without fireworks, right?

Just in time for your Independence Day celebrations, here’s a simple Web site that lists which states have legalized consumer fireworks, and which states still currently ban them.

A good portion of the U.S. actually allows most every kind of consumer fireworks, including Texas, Pennsylvania, Indiana and Tennessee.

However, those of you living up in the staid Northeast (hey, I’m from the Northeast, so I can say that) have a tougher time of it. New York, Rhode Island and Massachusetts ban all consumer fireworks. Vermont and Maine allow only sparklers.

There’s a category of states, among them California, Nevada and Florida, that allow only “safe and sane” fireworks, whatever that means, and this distinction varies state to state.

Thinking of stocking up for the big day? See where your state stands. Note that, as the Web site says, the map is only a general guide and does not reflect the fact that often individual communities have their own fireworks laws that might go against state regulations.

Happy Fourth of July everybody!