Balloon lawn chair guy to take flight once more

A year ago, Justin revealed his fear of heights and told us about Kent Couch who has a thing for tying helium balloons to a lawn chair so he can float across the sky. Last year, he made it 193 miles before landing in sagebrush in eastern Oregon.

Couch will be at it again tomorrow. This time he wants to fly from Oregon to Boise, Idaho. That’s 300 miles. To do this feat, he’s attaching 150 latex party balloons to his new lawn chair. This feat is not easy on lawn chairs, so both times Couch has done this, he’s had to start fresh.

One thing that’s clear about Couch’s endeavor is that he must know what he’s doing since he hasn’t gotten hurt yet. The three times is a charm adage must work. This time he has sponsorship and no one seems to think he’s a nut case like the first time he sat in his chair in 2006 and floated up and away.

Still, I don’t think this is something most folks should try. He doesn’t even wear a seat belt. I think I’m with Justin on this one. [via AP]

Thanks to Shward for this photo posted on Flickr of Kent Couch in a lawn chair in a parade in Eugene, Oregon. It is true that there are many ways to become a celebrity.