Irate first class passenger pulls emergency slide, leaves plane

There seems to be no shortage of stupid things passengers are doing on planes these days.

The latest boneheaded move happened in Guyana this past Friday. A first class passenger on a Delta flight from New York to Guyana became so angry that economy passengers were exiting the plane before him that he activated the plane’s emergency slide and used it to leave the plane.

The Associated Press, via, is reporting that airport authorities in Guyana promptly arrested the man, who they described as intoxicated. The man posted bail and was released not long after the incident.

Delta says it intends to press charges against the man on the grounds that he obstructed the flight crew.

For those of you out there wondering how much of a hassle it is to repack the emergency slide, Gadling’s resident flight attendant Heather Poole says it is a huge expense for an airline, which has to take the plane out of service. “It doesn’t get fixed quick, that’s for sure,” she says.

Thanks, Ben, for tipping us off to the story!