United Airlines: Ticks on a plane!

Here’s a plane delay story that I am not sure is covered under any contract of carriage.

The Denver Post is reporting that a United Airlines flight yesterday from Denver International to Des Moines was delayed more than five hours after three ticks were found in the cabin.

Let me repeat that: Three ticks. Or rather, three ticks.

Apparently passengers found the little buggers and brought them to the attention of flight crew members, who promptly evacuated the plane, had the cabin cleaned and replaced all the seat cushions on board. The airline even decided to load the passengers onto another plane for the trip to Des Moines.

That’s when another delay took place…this time due to weather. Passengers were supposed to be on their way around 12:20 p.m., pre tick discovery; they did get airborne until a little before 6 p.m.

No word yet whether the movie version of this little debacle will star Samuel L. Jackson.