Naked Barbie doll on a dashboard leads to an arrest

Here’s an interesting, weird story-an “I didn’t know that” kind of tale. Most people know not to leave valuables visible in a car. It’s an invitation for a break-in.

Turns out, don’t leave pornography visible either. Actually, it was a naked Barbie doll on the dash board that called attention to the car that was parked at the Ocean View Service Plaza in New Jersey.

People who saw the Barbie peeked in the car out of curiosity, I suppose.

According to this recent article posted on that a friend sent to me, the car owner said he was in the process of moving and that’s why he left those magazines with explicit photos on the seat. For some reason, there was a thong, a Bible and a cross as well. Odd. He swears it wasn’t a shrine as some have said.

Anyway, the man was arrested for maintaining a public nuisance. From what I understand from reading the article, the car had been left at this service plaza several other times while the man got a ride to Atlantic City where he had a job. There had been other complaints.

He’s out on bail and now realizes that he can’t just keep any old thing in his car.

If for some reason you have the urge to lug pornography with you in your travels, please get a brown paper bag-or put it under the seat. Otherwise, you might find yourself in a predicament that you didn’t count on.

The man did say he thinks leaving the naked Barbie doll on the dash was not the brightest idea, but that the situation has been “majorly way overblown.”

On a positive note, at least he has been carpooling.