Air New Zealand Takes In-Flight Service to a New Level

These days, airline passengers expect the worst when they embark on a flight. Yes, they will still get a free bag of salted peanuts, but often have to pay $5 for a beverage to wash them down.

Not all airlines are toning down the in-flight offerings, however. Air New Zealand is doing just the opposite by introducing a new breed of air service personnel, the airborne concierge.

According to Scott Carr, ANZ’s GM in Europe, the airline thinks the new service will add to their customers’ travel experience.

“The concierge service is about adding a personal touch to the whole flight experience, from booking, to check-in, to arrival and beyond.”

The concierge on duty is charged with aiding passengers with everything from check-in to finding the appropriate gate to booking hotels and finding connecting flights.

Will this become a new trend in the often impersonal world of airline travel? Surely other airlines will be watching closely to see if the service is well-received of if it seems redundant. Concierge workers take to the sky on the London to L.A. route this week. Their Auckland-based peers will work flights between L.A, and Auckland. Eventually, the service will be offered for the airline’s London to Hong Kong route as well.

Photo: Flickr user Chris&Steve