TSA considering allowing passengers to keep shoes on

Remember the time when you wore your heaviest pair of shoes on the airplane to leave as much space as possible in your baggage? Then came increased airport security and increased security checks, and removing your shoes meant wearing something that would come off easily; there’s nothing worse than holding up the security check line because you have to untie your hiking boots.

It’s true; the removal of shoes is not the TSA’s most popular policy (then again, do they have a popular one???) On the TSA’s blog removing shoes is even compared with “root canals and doing your taxes.” That’s why the TSA is currently testing some new shoe scanners in LAX.

During the trial period passengers will still be required to remove their shoes once they get to the magnetometer. But if all goes well, this might be the end of shoe removal, allowing you once again to wear whatever footwear — no matter how large and obnoxious to take off — on your next flight, hassle free.

[Via Jaunted]