Nikon announces some snappy summer sweetness

Nikon has just announced a few new cameras for their 2008 lineup, right before the Photokina trade show.

The first one is the P6000, a 13.5 megapixel point and shoot camera with a 2.5″ touchscreen monitor and, get this – GPS. By including GPS in the camera, you can take photos and “geotag” them.

Geotagging embeds the location of the photo in the image file, so you can easily track back exactly where you took the shot. The P6000 should be on shelves by September, for a pretty reasonable $500. Of course, at $500 it is dangerously close to digital SLR territory, but if you are a true amateur (like myself), dslr photography might be a tad too complicated.

Then there is the new Nikon S60, which is an ultra compact 10 megapixel camera with a 5x optical zoom. The S60 is equipped with an HDMI connector, for showing your photos on a compatible HDTV. This mid-range camera will launch for around $350.

The remaining cameras in the new lineup are a little less interesting; the S610 and the S710 are pretty basic shooters with 10 and 14 megapixels respectively. Both have a 3.6x optical zoom, and the S610 includes Wi-Fi for wirelessly uploading your images.

Nikon press releases, via: Engadget