New travel service for private jets offers one way to get places fast

There is a new travel service that operates out of Albany, New York. Javian Jet Traveler doesn’t own jets, but helps connect private jets with people who are looking for rides.

Frank Figliomeni, the owner of the company, thinks, as far as he knows, that Javian Jet Traveler is the only one like it in the United States.

According to this article in the Daily Gazette, although, primarily serving people living in the central region of New York, Javian Jet Traveler’s data base includes 50 private jet companies across the country.

In a nutshell, if Figliomeni finds out that a private jet is interested in carrying passengers, he creates a flight package to connect customers to the jet.

Taking a private jet isn’t cheap, but as Figliomeni says, if people join together with others, the price is doable–kind of. Making a tidy income would help. The example he presents is three couples sharing a twin turboprop plane to Martha’s Vineyard for a weekend trip.

The total cost is $3,000. I would guess this is the cost for going from Albany to Martha’s Vineyard and back. That makes the trip $500 per person.

If you can’t afford the plane to Martha’s Vineyard, drive. My friend who lives near Albany said that you can drive there in about six hours. But, then, if you left after work on a Friday, you’d miss out on dinner while overlooking the ocean. Instead, you’d be rolling in about midnight, and stumbling into your hotel room.