Mind-boggling futuristic mobile homes

Talk about mobile homes and all I think of is a caravan, and my newly discovered Mini-Motel. So when I came across this illustrative list of futuristic mobile homes, I was left slightly flabbergasted. You have:

  • The “M-ch”: A micro-compact home which is a little cube of a house you can take anywhere (but you would need a crane!). Suitable for 2 people, it’s enough to sleep, work and cook in. Oh and slightly more expensive than a tent (Euro 34,000+).
  • The SkiHaus: Built for exhausted skiers on high peaks, if you can organize for a helicopter with the snap of your fingers, you might want to look at the SkiHaus. It’s a lightweight, all-aluminum structure that weighs only 315 kg.
  • A Peak Lab: A cabin that can be hung outside a cliff.
  • The Point Lookout: A beach-hut on a tripod.
  • The M-Igloo: An mobile igloo style bedroom.
  • The Orb: A holiday park home for the younger “style conscious” generation. Apparently these houses even float!
  • The Lifepod: A green housing unit you can take anywhere as long as you have hauling power.
  • The Walking House (see image): Definitely my favorite, yes it gets up and walks! However this one is still a prototype – but not for long, I hope!

And there are even more types of these things that include SUV’s and shipping containers turned into homes and hotels. Have a look at the full list here.