Jumbo Jets Disappearing from the Sky

Jumbo jets, like Boeing’s classic 747, are a bit like that Buick your grandpa used to drive. They are sizable enough that you don’t have to concern yourself too much with what is going on outside. What’s a little turbulence to such a massive beast? What’s a six hour flight when you can stand up and actually walk around? (I was a little kid last time I rode in “the boat,” but you get the analogy).

High fuel prices have been grounding more and more of these large aircraft. And those who fly frequently are none to happy about it. Aside from a smoother ride, larger aircraft offer more seating options, more lavatories and more overhead space. If you are flying from New York to L.A. or Atlanta to Seattle, a little extra room can make a big difference.

Among major carriers, American and Delta still offer the most jumbo jet flights at more than 50 per day. However, wide-bodied planes are nowhere to be found on Northwest‘s and Continental‘s domestic routes. According to the industry, large aircraft will account for less that 1% of air traffic by the end of this year.

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