Naked sunbathing creating a stir in San Diego, but still okay

Just last week a judge ruled that sunbathing in the nude at San Onofre State Beach in San Diego is still allowed.

Earlier this summer there was a brouhaha because the California Department of Parks and Recreation wanted to ban nude sunbathing, even though beaching it in the buff has been allowed here for decades.

The parks and recreation department said that some sunbathers were being lewd near Trail 6. Sunbathers who just sun themselves and frolic in their birthday suits felt that the ban was uncalled for since most behave themselves.

According to this article at San Diego 6 News, the judge has ruled that the people who will be cited for being without their clothes are only those that someone in the public complains about–otherwise, sans clothes is fine–for now.

Considering that there are many public beaches from which to choose in California, it seems that if people don’t want to see people sunbathe in the nude, go somewhere else–or if you do go here, stay away from Trail 6.