Update from the Virgin America JFK-LAS inaugural flight.

Late last month we heard news that Virgin America was kicking off service between New York’s JFK airport and Las Vegas and would be celebrating the event with the christening of HBO’s “Entourage Air” with the cast in New York and a party at the Palms casino in Vegas.

Now, in the midst of the debauch we’re checking in to update you on how the event is unfolding. Just after 1PM Gadling was asked to show up at hangar 12 right outside of JFK airport, an open air structure with the Virgin America “Entourage Air” A320 parked underneath. Walking up to the gate, two models showed up to escort us down the red carpet towards the hangar, where music was playing, couches were laid out and there were a hundred or so people milling about.

With Champagne, Grey Goose and Bombay Dry flowing freely, the crowd patiently snacked on hors d’oeuvres speculating about the arrival of Branson and the entourage until finally the crew snuck into the back of the aircraft, a few suits made some announcements and the entire lot burst from the front boarding door.

I’m not sure how rehearsed the entire spectacle was – apparently Sir Branson was late getting in – but after they posed for a few photos the entire crew of Adrian Grenier, Kevin Connoly, Kevin Dillon, Jerry Ferrara and Richard Branson as well as the creator, Doug Ellin came down the steps, grabbed bottles of Champagne and burst them open in front of the port engine. Someone tracked down a microphone for a few nebulous questions, then the cast unfortunately had to leave. Later, Devon, one of the PR associates at Virgin told me that they had tons of events associated with the HBO premier so had to jet out to the city as soon as possible.

As for the hundred or so people in the hangar, however, we were headed to Las Vegas for the after party and some grand old socializing. At 35,000 feet we were privy to another speech from the brass then delighted with a pre-screening of the first episode of this season’s Entourage which airs this weekend. With four more hours left to Vegas, we were left to explore own wiles, which is where you’ll find me now, tucked under a plush “Entourage Air” blanket.

Supposedly the afterparty takes place at the Playboy club in the Palms. Stay tuned for a full report from the event and all of the juicy pictures!