Brave the hurricanes for cheap cruises this month!

If you’re willing to risk choppy water, September is actually a decent time to snag some great prices on cruises in the Caribbean. Demand drops off pretty steeply in the fall because many people are concerned about the weather — and as a result many cruise companies drop their prices.

One of the more outstanding prices that I’ve seen lately comes from Royal Caribbean for one of their four-night Bahamas cruises. For under $150 per person, you can depart from Port Canaveral, Florida for a brief stay in the island nation then jet back to East Florida in time for the weekend in Orlando.

Check out Royal Caribbean’s promo website to get in on some of the specials going on.

Incidentally (or maybe for the same reason), plane tickets into Florida have been remarkably competitive lately. So if you’re considering taking one of these cruises from one of the other 49 states you might be able to get a deal on airfare too.

In case you’re worried about hurricanes, you have little to fear about running into a storm. Ships are often rerouted in the case of inclement weather and can easily get around any inbound trouble. Granted, you might get wet and it might be choppy — but you did pay $150 per person for a four night cruise, right?