United Airlines – It’s time to make a really weird commercial (oh, and fly too)

Sure, the quality and merits of a TV commercial are a really personal thing, and I’m sure some people reading my article will disagree with my opinion, but this new ad for United Airlines has to be one of the worst airline commercials I have ever seen. It’s Little Mermaid meets Yellow Submarine.

The message United is trying to deliver is that their new international premium cabins with flat sleeper seats are awesome, and that it is time to fly. The message they are actually delivering is that their planes fly really low, and that they apparently know of a top secret island ruled by crab people and tuba playing whales.

Also, am I the only one that is really really tired of Rhapsody in Blue? It’s one thing to take a great American masterpiece and use it for a couple of commercials, it’s another to play it till you want to punch yourself in the face. But like I said; it’s a personal thing, so don’t mind me.

And of course, when they say “flying will never be the same again”, they mean it has finally become a competitive product, and is now potentially on-par with other Transatlantic carriers like Virgin Atlantic and British Airways, who have been offering flat seats in Business Class and First Class for years.