SkyMall Monday: The Slanket

If it’s Monday, it’s a SkyMall product review. Gadling blogger Jeffrey White shared his thoughts about SkyMall this past summer. I must respectfully disagree with his opinion that SkyMall products are either useless crap or overpriced junk. SkyMall products address the needs of the populace and, during these harsh economic times, isn’t that what we all need?

This week we’re talking about The Slanket. Don’t call it “A” Slanket. Or just Slanket. It’s The Slanket. And it’s a blanket…with sleeves! No longer will you be imprisoned underneath your blanket surrounded by snacks, beverages and gadgets that remain achingly outside your reach. Now you’ll be able to grab a fistful of pork rinds and your universal remote without exposing yourself to the perils of in-home frostbite.

So often I find myself sitting on my couch covered in a blanket and tzatziki sauce. Why? Because my attempts to eat my delicious gyro while engulfed in the fleecy warmth of my blanket resulted in embarrassing yogurt-sauce stains. Sure, I’d love to eat over a plate but then my arms would be outside the blanket and I could catch a chill. Should I wisely purchase The Slanket, I’d finally be able to use my arms efficiently and warmly. I mean, just take a look at the SkyMall product description:

Here’s the best blanket – hands down – for snuggling up with a book or laptop computer.

Who doesn’t love snuggling? And with The Slanket, you can quit that pesky habit of having to share your blanket with a loved one. Because The Slanket is just for you and your computer. And your beer. And your internet girlfriend.

The Slanket. Thank you, SkyMall. And thank you to the genius who shot the photos for The Slanket’s sadly hysterical website.

Well, what do you think of The Slanket? Share your thoughts in the comments.