Bombs away! Air Force F-16 drops a dummy bomb on the Las Vegas strip

Poor Las Vegas… Already struggling from declining visitor numbers, now sin city is in the news again when an Air force F-16 dropped a dummy bomb on the strip, hitting a truck.

The F-16 was stationed at Nellis AFB when the 25 pound bomb became unattached from the launching mechanism, falling 1700 feet. Police started getting reports that something was falling from the sky when the bomb dropped.

Thankfully the bomb first hit the tarmac at the base itself, then bounced over a fence and penetrated the front of the truck. Imagine the damage if the bomb had hit a strip hotel or pedestrians! The driver of the truck managed to escape with nothing more than a pretty bad fright.

A Spokesperson for the Air Force did not know how the bomb became unattached, nor did they know whether pilot error was involved.

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