Travel Alert! Virgin sale to from LA – Sydney — for $480!

Alert! Virgin just put Sydney on sale from Los Angeles! Their front page says $1600, but if you get in and tinker with the dates, the price will drop to about 250$ one way. Combined trip: less than $500.

Here’ s how I got my fare.

  1. Go to Virgin’s homepage first.
  2. Make sure you’re on the America site, if you aren’t change it.
  3. Click Departure from Los Angeles and Arrival to Sydney
  4. Select dates after March 1
  5. On your search, if you don’t see the fares you like, click back and forth on the “Arrivals” box. Sooner or later a fare will come up around $250.
  6. Then click back and forth on the departures.
  7. You may have to mess around with the dates to find something that works.
  8. Good luck!

Mind you, Virgin had to push back launch a bit from December from the strike that’s currently rocking Boeing. So there is a chance that things could get jiggered a bit.

You also might recall that a few people had problems with the initial sale that Virgin offered last year.

But if you’re willing to take the risk (for <500$) and are confident that you’ll get a refund if things turn south, give it a go.

See you in OZ!