Big Bone Lick State Park

Who names these parks?

There’s me, road tripping through Indiana, minding my own business, when bam! I’m at some park called Big Bone Lick.

Technically located in Kentucky, Big Bone Lick calls itself “the birthplace of American paleontology.” I didn’t know American paleontology was into that!

Apparently, they found pleistocene megafauna fossils there. Yeah, I don’t know what that means either, but they say that mammoths and other prehistoric creatures were drawn there by a natural salt lick.

Okay. Bones. Salt lick. It get it. It still sounds like a porno, though, and is probably the #1 state park gift shop in America that I’d like to raid for mildly inappropriate gifts. Next stop, French Lick, Indiana, home of Larry Bird and a lot of happy people.

Should they change it to Freedom Lick? …nah.