Man uses jetpack to fly over Colorado’s Royal Gorge

Jetpacks, along with flying cars and dinner pills, have often been thought of as belonging permanently to the future. I know I wasn’t the only one asking, when the year 2000 finally rolled in, “Hey, where’s my jetpack?”

Well, perhaps the future we all envisioned decades ago is finally here.

On Monday, a daredevil named Eric Scott used a jetpack to fly across Colorado’s massive Royal Gorge, which is almost a quarter-mile deep and about 1,500 feet wide. (Incidentally, I walked across the bridge over the Royal Gorge when I was about 7 during a family vacation, and I realize now that I should have reported my parents for child abuse. That thing is scaaaarrrry.)

Anyway, the jetpack can be used for up to 33 seconds and can propel a person over 70 miles per hour. The pack was developed for promotions and stunts by Scott’s Denver company, Jet P.I.

Go here for some amazing video of the event.