Gadling Take FIVE: Week of Nov. 22 –Nov. 28

A person could get pretty depressed when taking a gander at how money, or rather the lack of it is influencing the places we love to go.

Perhaps some of the change is due to cultural shifts that would happen anyway. It’s hard to tell sometimes exactly what condition is causing the change.

This week at Gadling, there are a few posts that have to do with changes that are taking place around the world.

  • In France, fewer people are hanging out in cafes these days. Jeffrey gives the issue some thought in one of his posts.
  • Brenda provided more insight regarding the woes of Hawaii’s travel industry. As a person from the state, and a world traveler, she has an understanding of the factors that are influencing people’s vacation decisions.
  • In a post yesterday, Brenda also offered musings about the state of travel given the fact that there are so many places that seem inhospitable. She’s interested in Cuba and wonders if Americans are welcome.
  • Aaron, however, usually a sunny sort, has great things to say about travel in Chile. If you don’t catch this one detail while you read, he’d love to go back and is looking for someone to take him along.
  • On another positive note, if you want to feel great today, look at ImprovEverywhere’s latest video. As their latest stunt proves, everyone in the world could use a rousing welcome home–even if it’s from a group of total strangers. All you need is signage, balloons and warm, smiling faces.