Photo of the Day (12-3-08)

Here’s to hoping that this shot by Moody75 will bring me good luck. Actually, by the time you see this, dear Gadling readers, I may or may not have made it to Amsterdam in time to see canals such as this one. If it is not on time, I won’t be able to take my daughter to Anne Frank’s house or to the pancake place I want to return to. Instead, we will stay at the airport so we won’t miss our connection to Copenhagen.

When I was looking for my Photo of the Day choice, I zeroed in on Amsterdam since that is where I am hoping to be on this very day. I thought it wouldn’t hurt to be positive. Now, here is the oddest coincidence. Moody75 posted this exactly two years ago on December 3. Notice today’s date? December 3. This shot is exactly what I’m hoping we will see. Fingers crossed.

Send your photos to us at Gadling’s Flickr photo pool. Perhaps, one of your shots will bring us good luck.