All electric vehicles on a large scale may be in Hawaii’s future

Yesterday, Brenda posted about Hawaii’s bicycle sharing system that should be in place by this coming summer. Bicycle sharing is just one way that Hawaii may be on the cutting edge of an alternative transportation system.

There is a plan underway to create a network of several stations where cars totally powered by batteries could be recharged. Batteries could also be “swapped” out at recharging stations if a car owner is in hurry. The idea behind this plan is that with more stations and a quicker method for recharging, people will be more drawn to using electric cars.

According to this New York Times article, the reason Hawaii is being considered for such a venture is because it has favorable conditions for a positive outcome. Fuel costs are generally high in an island economy which makes transportation alternatives alluring. Also, people in Hawaii don’t normally drive more than 100 miles at a time which is less than the distance that the newer electric car currently under construction will be able to go.

This all electric car will be ready for the mass market in 2012. Between bicycle sharing and renting electric cars, Hawaii’s tourists might be less concerned about their carbon footprints.

The photo by McPig is of an electric car being recharged in Italy. The difference between what is currently being used in various parts of the world, and the system proposed for Hawaii is that Hawaii’s network will be on a much larger scale and will be more efficient and effective. That’s my understanding from what I’ve read.